First U.S. City With Muslim Majority Starts To Implement Sharia Law…

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By Phoenix Brooks –

Hamtramck, Michigan has been given the nickname “Shariatown” now that the four out of the six City Council positions have been filled by members of the Islamic faith, and policies that mimic Sharia Law are being implemented throughout the city.

It was a historic election due to the fact that this is the first time that the majority of the positions of those that govern a city have been filled by Muslims, and Hamtramck is also believed to be one of the first US cities to have the majority of its residents comprised of those who follow the Islamic faith.

Dearborn, Michigan Is NEXT:


According to the Washington Post, as recently as the 1970’s, the town’s population was 90% Polish Catholics, but due to the influx of immigrants, the low birth-rate of the Polish-Americans, and the factor that many have moved away from the area, the town’s makeup has been reversed to the point that only about 10% of its citizens are currently of Polish descent.

After the election of three new Muslims to the city board, residents began to report on new changes to the city, that seem to be based on the teachings of the Islamic faith.

A city ordinance was passed that would prevent anyone from obtaining a liquor license and selling alcohol within 500 feet of any of the city’s multiple mosques. One of the teachings of the faith is that alcohol is a forbidden substance, and it is a sin to consume.

Another noticeable change is the allowance of an Islamic community center broadcasting their call to prayer over loudspeakers five times a day. Several residents have complained, in the past, about the volume of the speakers, and questioned why those who engage in the activity of prayer cannot just use their own watches to know when it is time to pray.

Other signs of change include the ability to purchase Halal meat, or permissible meat, from local vendors and restaurants. In other places, during business hours, people may find shops temporarily closed with a sign on the door reading,


After the election, and implementation of Islamic policies throughout the city, Mosque Leader Masud Khan said,




Fate of American Republic Decided in 2016?

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Originally Published on August 6, 2016. Updated November 10, 2016.

In 1787, after the ‘Birth Pangs’ of the Revolution, the proceedings of the Constitutional Convention were held behind bolted doors. At their end, citizens were waiting outside Independence Hall to learn what had been agreed to in utmost secrecy. The answer was provided immediately. A Mrs. Powell of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got a republic or a monarchy?” Franklin responded, “A republic; if you can keep it.” To me the operative word there is – IF – and that makes the quote into a question. Since Mrs. Powell referred to Ben Franklin as “Doctor” lets ‘diagnose’ the problems in keeping the Republic ‘healthy ‘and ‘alive’. Corruption is instantaneous. A nation, like a baby, begins life as a single cell (a thought in the mind) that may grow and grow and differentiate -morph – into all the cells needed to create the complex mechanism that is a human being (Or a Republic). Or that ‘babe’ may become ‘sick’ or infected’ and die within the womb, be stillborn/postpartum (Loss of the Revolutionary War). If it survives, at any time during the journey from infant to adult person to elder, a foreign pathogen may ‘Invade’ and spread throughout the body poisoning and destroying its vital ‘organs’ (Liberalism). A Cancer may ‘Turn’ the body’s own cells against itself (Progressivism). A ’wasting’ disease can, over time, scramble or overwhelm the neurological system leading to paralysis and/or dementia (Socialist Educators/Academia, Political Correctness). ‘Ossification’ of the supporting structural tissue and bones will make deliberate movement impossible (Apathy of non-voters and the Greed/Envy of self-serving voters and politicians).

In assessing our current state of health; I would say the ‘Answer’ to Ben’s admonition is: We have NOT done the job of keeping our republic (body) as ‘healthy’ as envisioned by the founders. If we continue to shirk our Duty as Patriots and Citizens the inevitable result will be America’s Death Spasm (Loss of our Freedom and Liberty). I can envision that Death Spasm as we desperately take the enormously destructive and ultimately futile steps of ‘resuscitation‘, ’ICU’, and endless ‘life support’ (Anarchy, Fanaticism, Fascism/Communism)…

All are a bitterly ironic return to the rule of Despots.


[MDs, Nurses, and Medical Professionals … Please allow me some license in my use of medical terms and processes.]

Post-2016 Elections: I believe we have, perhaps, ‘dodged a bullet’, so to speak. I hope the strongest ‘Wall’ built will be one to encircle the venomous snake pit of Liberal, Progressive, Socialist ENEMIES of Our Constitutional Republic.

Soros-Funded Left-Wing Anarcho-Terrorists Plotting to SABOTAGE Trump and Overthrow the Republic: Dave Hodges Releases Urgent Interview with Mike Adams — Survival World News

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By Mike Adams – Natural News (NaturalNews) Dave Hodges from The Commonsense Show interviewed me a few days ago about how the radical violent left plans to destroy the coming Trump administration and overthrow the Republic to put their own criminal cronies into power. The video, available at this YouTube link, is a nearly one hour discussion […]

via Soros-Funded Left-Wing Anarcho-Terrorists Plotting to SABOTAGE Trump and Overthrow the Republic: Dave Hodges Releases Urgent Interview with Mike Adams — Survival World News

Wildly Inaccurate Election Forecasts highlight Big Data challenges:

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Hidden cultural bias led to seriously flawed election forecasts. Enterprises face similar challenges as they harness their Big Data and put it to work.

ZDNet: By Tom Foremski for Tom Foremski: IMHO | November 9, 2016

For several weeks I was receiving daily messages on my phone from the New York Times’ Upshot column, which confidently predicted Trump’s chances of winning at around 5 percent most days.

The Upshot data was crunched from many different polls and fed into a special algorithm based on historical and other relevant data. Other organizations also used reams of Big Data to feed their analytical models and were coming to similar predictions: Trump would lose.

So how was it that all these sophisticated analytical models with access to high-quality data got the election forecast so wrong?

Jim Rutenberg in the New York Times writes that there was a cultural bias.

“Journalists didn’t question the polling data when it confirmed their gut feeling that Mr. Trump could never in a million years pull it off. They portrayed Trump supporters who still believed he had a shot as being out of touch with reality. In the end, it was the other way around.”

There’s an important lesson for enterprises here is that simply getting access to all your Big Data is not enough. It won’t result in valuable business predictions unless the analysis is the right one.

Domain knowledge counts for a tremendous amount of success with Big Data because analysis matters and knowing the right questions to ask comes from experience. The right analytical model is vital but being aware of cultural bias in those models is key.

See also: Big data: Three ways to make your project a success | The IoT security doomsday is lurking, but we cannot talk about it properly | How to stop people being the weakest link in enterprise security

However, the inclusion of a cultural bias into analytical models is not something to avoid because if a company knows the culture of its customers it can uncover emerging markets or changes in buying habits more rapidly than others.

The Big Data industry promises businesses that they can uncover new sources of revenues — and they can. But the election has shown that Big Data is useless if the analysis is flawed.

It’s the hidden cultural bias that’s dangerous and can lead to wildly inaccurate predictions. Knowing that there will always be some hidden cultural bias means the better design of analytical models.

Fortunately, analytical models can learn and adapt and can be run against each other, to give management a good understanding of their business and their options for future performance.

It’s too late for the pollsters but their analytical tools will certainly be a lot sharper next time.

ZDNet: By Tom Foremski for Tom Foremski: IMHO | November 9, 2016



[[ Breaking News: New York Times polling guru Nate Cohn said the Paper of Record “fudged” numbers on election night so Donald Trump’s shocking upset wouldn’t contradict projections.
The Upshot election forecasting model started off giving Hillary Clinton an 85 percent chance to win the election, a forecast based on polling data. By the end of Election Night, (only a few hours), the same model gave Donald Trump a 95 percent chance of winning. An actual 180* turn around…Impossible…but there it is. ]]