Originally Published on August 6, 2016. Updated November 10, 2016.

In 1787, after the ‘Birth Pangs’ of the Revolution, the proceedings of the Constitutional Convention were held behind bolted doors. At their end, citizens were waiting outside Independence Hall to learn what had been agreed to in utmost secrecy. The answer was provided immediately. A Mrs. Powell of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got a republic or a monarchy?” Franklin responded, “A republic; if you can keep it.” To me the operative word there is – IF – and that makes the quote into a question. Since Mrs. Powell referred to Ben Franklin as “Doctor” lets ‘diagnose’ the problems in keeping the Republic ‘healthy ‘and ‘alive’. Corruption is instantaneous. A nation, like a baby, begins life as a single cell (a thought in the mind) that may grow and grow and differentiate -morph – into all the cells needed to create the complex mechanism that is a human being (Or a Republic). Or that ‘babe’ may become ‘sick’ or infected’ and die within the womb, be stillborn/postpartum (Loss of the Revolutionary War). If it survives, at any time during the journey from infant to adult person to elder, a foreign pathogen may ‘Invade’ and spread throughout the body poisoning and destroying its vital ‘organs’ (Liberalism). A Cancer may ‘Turn’ the body’s own cells against itself (Progressivism). A ’wasting’ disease can, over time, scramble or overwhelm the neurological system leading to paralysis and/or dementia (Socialist Educators/Academia, Political Correctness). ‘Ossification’ of the supporting structural tissue and bones will make deliberate movement impossible (Apathy of non-voters and the Greed/Envy of self-serving voters and politicians).

In assessing our current state of health; I would say the ‘Answer’ to Ben’s admonition is: We have NOT done the job of keeping our republic (body) as ‘healthy’ as envisioned by the founders. If we continue to shirk our Duty as Patriots and Citizens the inevitable result will be America’s Death Spasm (Loss of our Freedom and Liberty). I can envision that Death Spasm as we desperately take the enormously destructive and ultimately futile steps of ‘resuscitation‘, ’ICU’, and endless ‘life support’ (Anarchy, Fanaticism, Fascism/Communism)…

All are a bitterly ironic return to the rule of Despots.


[MDs, Nurses, and Medical Professionals … Please allow me some license in my use of medical terms and processes.]

Post-2016 Elections: I believe we have, perhaps, ‘dodged a bullet’, so to speak. I hope the strongest ‘Wall’ built will be one to encircle the venomous snake pit of Liberal, Progressive, Socialist ENEMIES of Our Constitutional Republic.