Could our progressive friends possibly fear the face of evil, as epitomized by Bill Ayres. Bill Ayres, who was one of the founders of Weather Underground, a communist terrorist group? I guess not, as he and/or his cronies were only responsible for the bombing of government buildings, a New York judge’s home, a San Francisco police station, and a military dance hall, etc. All perfectly legitimate protests in the eyes of the left, I suppose, as I certainly never see any of you condemning what Ayres et al., did, but instead – especially over the past year – taking the country more in his direction and supporting those who have little to no respect for the law.


Yet, you constantly prattle on about how worried you are concerning Donald Trump, when Ayres holds the title of Distinguished Professor and is a tenured ‘scholar’ at the University of Illinois at Chicago, teaching our kids!!! But I guess that doesn’t concern you at all, either? I know, too, I may sound a bit flippant, but I really am trying to understand your thinking as opposed to just accepting Dr. Michael Savage’s conclusion that liberalism is a mental disorder.

So let me ask you. What would you seriously have to say if someone of Bill Ayres’ ilk, who was also a leader of the KKK, and burned crosses and engaged in terrorism, etc., had actually held a fundraiser at his home for the purposes of kicking off Donald Trump’s political career? Would that concern you? And if Mr. Trump had close ties to that type of individual, wouldn’t that surely be a deal breaker related to his fitness for the presidency? I definitely think it should and would be.

But how could something of such notorious revelation NOT CONCERN YOU, when Mr. Ayres did precisely what is alluded to, above, for President Obama? Your hypocrisy, and inability to truly look at the facts and critically think for yourselves, is astounding!!!

I know, I know. I should have said ‘so-called’ progressives, in the title, as mobs running the streets both burning cities and robbing stores hardly constitutes being forward – looking or innovative and instead is rather more regressive behavior reminiscent of the middle – ages is it not? Thus, I would have added ‘so-called’, prior to the word progressive, but I simply didn’t have room in the title. It is curious, however – how those who have led us so far back like to play linguistic games so as to cover the truth of their movement.

This is another reason I very much hate political labels given that they are so fraught with misunderstanding. Because not too long ago, as you will recall, progressives were nothing more than your everyday garden variety liberal. So why the change? Several reasons, but the main one is Ronald Reagan winning the Cold War and sending the U.S.S.R to the ash heap of history, along with liberalism through this historic victory, by showing that their ideas had been so wrong, for so long. Thus the reason for the new marketing effort and the re-branding of ‘liberalism’ as ‘progressivism’ so as to give people the idea that democrats were somehow moving the country forward and getting something done. Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth.

Though intellectual honesty, something quite anathema to the left, compels me to say that on very rare occasion, indeed, progressives may have an idea that makes some semblance of sense, but that is clearly the exception and not the rule. Especially when, given that providing a first-rate education for mostly minorities, trapped in so many failing schools should be one of the great civil rights issues of the 21st century, the so-called progressives through opposition to school choice, hardly show themselves as open-minded, up – to – date reformers seeking to improve and move society forward, but more so radical obstructionists. When on the other hand, conservatives have tried, doggedly for years, to give the aforementioned young men and women the kind of education they deserve and would undoubtedly benefit our country as a whole, for decades to come.

Also, for lack of better parlance and consistency – and though we know the progressive movement is hardly that (progressive) – I am nonetheless going to use the word ‘progressive’ to largely define the left and democrats, and the word ‘conservative’ to define the right and republicans.

With my wanting to ask the question of progressives, especially as to Donald Trump, what in the world is it that you fear given all we’ve seen over these past 8 years? Are you afraid that Trump might somehow, in his political ascendancy, associate and hob knob with, or perhaps even spend time at a terrorist’s home, for the purposes of raising money and accruing power as President Obama did with Bill Ayres? Because what I wrote above is the truth and so is this.

The KKK, really a non-entity in the United States, who does close to nothing, and is composed of nothing but potbellied, beer drinking losers, endorsed both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. But neither of those individuals had any control over who endorsed them, while the both of them detest racism. President Obama, on the other hand, for the precise same thing you FALSELY accuse Donald Trump of doing, not only associated with but made friends with unrepentant terrorists for the purposes of gaining political power.

Or perhaps you’re afraid that the rich will get richer and the economy may not be as robust as the Obama economy in the future? Well, on that score, again, I think there is hardly need for worry. As President Obama’s economy not only grew slower than George W. Bush’s, but 30% more of the gains in wealth under President Obama, also went to the wealthy.

So as the above illustrates, we know the rich have already gotten richer, but are you afraid the poor will get poorer? Once more, I really don’t think there’s any need for worry, as in so many areas during the Obama years, we had people depending upon the welfare system, more so than ever, and the poverty level is not in any way meaningfully going down.

The events of September 11, 2001 were certainly scary too. Therefore, perhaps you have concerns about more terrorist attacks on American soil? Yet, there’s no need in my mind to be concerned again inasmuch as, did you know that following 9/11, there wasn’t even one instance of domestic terrorism until such time as President Obama took over the reins? Consequently, given that President Trump would surely govern more in the way of treating terrorism as an act of war, rather than as some silly law enforcement nuisance, I doubt that he can undo what President Obama has unleashed overnight, but I’m also rather sure that he will do a much, much better job of containing it.

Or maybe, just maybe, you’re concerned about the social fabric of America, race relations regressing and there being a large number of individuals who have a total lack of respect for law and order? Well, guess what? That’s already happened, too, as President Obama gave false credence to the absurd idea that our police were out hunting black men for sport and needlessly helped set the country back in race relations, for how long, no one really knows. While at the same time he gave tacit approval to our police being murdered and assassinated by having the group, Black Lives Matter to the White House, which gave the terrorist organization legitimacy in the minds of many.

But, oh, dear gracious, Donald Trump is now going to be president. What a scary, scary thought indeed. Quite honestly, if all this carrying on by the left wasn’t so sad – I would laugh – as things, over the past 8 years, really couldn’t have been much worse! Because I can only guess, too, is it that you are somehow afraid America is now going to return to a law and order society where everyone is treated the same. Or is that somehow, in your book, wrong too?

Kate Steinle, of course, was murdered because of the progressive City of San Francisco refusing to return an illegal alien killer over to ICE. Is that what you fear? Criminal illegal aliens being turned over to law enforcement so that beautiful, young bright American citizens can go on to live their lives in peace and be conscientious contributing members of American society? Or perhaps you fear illegal aliens being permitted citizenship prior to all those hard working individuals from other nations who followed the law, and earned their citizenship the right way? Well, again, the left is already fighting quite, quite hard for that to happen, whereas president-elect Trump has thrown a wrench into their plans, so what precisely is your worry?

Because in now making it known that America is a sovereign nation of laws, it will also help to protect so many of the beautiful young men and women of Central America who were sent on a death journey to cross into America illegally, but so often couldn’t withstand the physical toll of the trip or were raped and/or murdered by the coyotes entrusted to bring them here. That, to a large extent is going to end, so is it to that which you object, because I really am trying to understand you?

In terms of fiscal matters, I could hardly imagine you’re concerned about a burgeoning national debt, too, but is that it? Since, here again, no need to worry, as I hardly think the soon to be President Trump is going to manage to outspend all of his presidential predecessors, combined, as did the outgoing president.

For my Jewish friends, too, you couldn’t possibly be concerned about the U.S. – Israeli relationship under soon to be President Trump could you? Given the fact that it’s rather well known that the Obama Administration has certainly been most hostile to Israel, and allowing the latest nonsensical resolution to go forward against Israel, and right before Hanukkah – nonetheless – certainly told our Jewish friends how the outgoing president T-R-U-L-Y feels.

Or are you afraid that Donald Trump, as president, will sign a deal, garnering us nothing, at the expense of Israel and which will start a nuclear arms race in the Middle East? Sorry, again, but it has already happened.

Maybe you’re afraid that the incoming President Trump will undo a long-standing policy not to negotiate for or pay for hostages? Yep, surprise, surprise, President Obama has already done that too!

Wait, maybe with all that crying and hand wringing I saw, perhaps you’re afraid President Trump would use the IRS to target political groups with whom he disagrees? Oh, wait again, the IRS already did that in targeting conservatives under this outgoing president, too.

Though, then again, if you support the State of California and the democrats’ latest move there to make prostitution legal for underage teens, then maybe Dr. Savage really is right; liberalism is a mental disorder; and there’s nothing more to conclude. But this column is about far more than me giving my opinion, as I want to hear yours, given that we’ll never get anywhere if we never sit down to honestly talk.

Therefore, to be perfectly honest, I think you’re afraid of the Trump Administration actually making real progress. As Trump’s success, combined with democrats and/or progressives doing so little, for so long, has clearly hurt the ‘progressive brand’ rather quickly. And what democrat progressives have done for so long, has been such an unmitigated disaster, that the only way they know how to market their brand is to denigrate others. Hence, I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t see another name change in the near future, as there’s nothing remotely progressive about trying to weaken the strongest and most benevolent country in world history, but there’s also been very little that’s successful associated with the democrat/progressive brand.

I know, too, that I really do have a rather large readership on the left and I seriously want you to answer my proposed question. Because, objectively – in looking at all that has happened over this past 8 years – it seems almost impossible to me that things could get worse. So as to this issue, my progressive friends, I’m actually going to give you a penny for your thoughts and please prove Dr. Savage wrong by giving me something more back than change.

Until we meet again,

~ Christopher Tyler –

Aside from his educational background (B.S. in political science, MPA and studies at the Leadership Institute and Florida Coastal College of Law), Chris has worked both in and outside the federal government, for several years at the National Archives, and at the Departments of Justice and Housing & Urban Development, as well. Additionally, he has spent the majority of his career working as a political consultant. This gives him a unique perspective from which to comment on national and foreign affairs as he has also previously written for the Examiner, the Florida Times-Union, Opinion Magazine and several other news publications.