China key to North Korean Aggression – China implements UN sanctions against North Korea… Except for OIL … the one commodity that would Most Directly and Immediately effect the DPRK’s/NKPA’s Mechanized Ground Forces ability to attack, maneuver, logistically resupply and prosecute any form of continuous operations against South Korea.

The North’s ‘strategic reserve’ of oil is believed to be at only 30% of required levels. It has been estimated these conventional units currently have only enough fuel for 20 HOURS of high tempo operations.

To a degree, such an attack would resemble Nazi Germany’s December 16, 1944 ‘Autumn Mist’ attack better known as ‘The Battle of the Bulge’. Interestingly this attack failed, in part, because their Panzer Tanks – ran out of fuel.

IF an Oil/Fuel Embargo were instituted by China (or the pipelines delivering the oil to DPRK from China are destroyed) the probability of a mechanized invasion of the South would be, to a significant degree, mitigated.

Some insights on this can be found at: “Would China actually resort to banning crude oil exports to NK? [As Heard in North Korea]” Choi Song Min via Daily NK. Address: 2F, 59, Donggyo-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

Chinese President Xi Jinping - North Korea Leader Kim Jung Un

Chinese President Xi Jinping – North Korea’s ‘Great Leader 3.0’ Kim Jung Un