Obama Oval meeting Rep. Susan Collins of Maine


President Donald Trump has promised to drain the Washington, D.C. “swamp” of the special interests and career politicians that are keeping our government from working for real Americans. And there’s no doubt that Trump has made his share of enemies along the way. But one enemy in the Senate is shaping up to be the most dangerous of all. She’s made it a mission to sabotage Trump at any cost – and, believe it or not, she claims to be a card-carrying member of the GOP. Republicans are clinging to a razor-thin majority in the Senate with 52 members. But with each passing day, Maine Senator Susan Collins is looking more like a Democrat in disguise. And it may be time for Republicans to take off the kid gloves and get Collins out of the Senate. Just last week, Collins dealt the latest death blow to efforts to repeal ObamaCare, by joining a small group of Republicans (and a large group of Democrats) opposing a GOP-led bill. But this wasn’t Collins’ first attempt to sabotage the Trump agenda and embarrass him in front of the American public.

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